Wednesday, November 16, 2005

sed festival

SED Festival
PERET 6245

The Sed Festival commences today. It coincides with {PERET} the Spring season in a new month dedicated to MIN.
This celebration over several days was attended by the Regents of KMT and people of all walks of life would pay homage to the deities and their representative priests and Regents.
The Regent him/herself would also engage in the ritual of running alongside the Bull in a demonstration of prowess. It must of been a real sight [as illustrated below] to witness Kandake Regent Ruler/Mother Hatshephut engage in this ritual.

The highlight of this commemoration would be the putting to death of the Regent and his ressurection. Some claim that there were several volunteers for this act.

The revealing of the Hidden deity of STRENGTH is another activity associated with the celebration of SED Fest. Some historians contend that this was the deity that accompanied ANUBIS.

So we pour libation for the strength and

prowess of our ancestors

to guide and protect us in this time.

above is the step pyramid a focus point for this festival





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