Monday, January 16, 2006

a borderless global village

First published in the Caribbean since 1995, Dialogue
[then known as Profile 96] has acquired a dedicated readership of over twelve thousand readers across the planet.

This journal specifically addresses issues relating to indigenous cultures and its impact on the post modern world.

Winter 2005 Dec/ Spring 2006 Annual Issue

Editor-Publisher: Roi Kwabena

Lennox Raphael, Roy Mc Farlane, Mishu Barua, Cathy Perry, Marlon Kigonya, Jasmine Johnson, Julianna Varnai, Raphael Chikukwa, Dr. Tony Talbot, Dr. Phil Watson, Prof. Yusef Eradam, Habte Wold, Mariko Suzuki, Rootswoman, with features from Indigenous Bodies & other writers

Contents (selected)

• Muse of Maps Mounds, Muurs & Mysteries
• Two features on Rastafari beliefs & culture
• Discoveries in KUSH
• Marriage: the debate of Polygamy versus Monogamy
• Writers Without Borders
• Waiting for the Be(a)st
• Kush Debate
• Expectations of the African Union
• Rum Wars of the Caribbean
• Veteran Caribbean Pioneer: Henry Gunter
• Caribbean Original Island Names
• Who are Indigenous peoples?
• Seeing Ourselves- Art & Artists of Zimbabwe

Plus more
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