Sunday, March 26, 2006

New York abolished slavery

New York abolished slavery
March 28th 1799 or July 1827 ?

It commenced with the importation of Eleven black slaves to New Netherland ( now NEW YORK ) by the Dutch West India company in 1625. Many of them were put to work for the construction of a wall to protect " settlers " from the indigenous population on the very site of the famed WALL Street, Manhattan.

After the territory fell to the English by 1664 an inhumane chattel law was used as the measure and thus even children of slaves were born Slaves. By 1790 the population of slaves grew to 21,324 making new York the leading state dealing in this "gentleman's trade".

The reality is NY profited over two centuries plus from this trade. The so called emancipation was followed by direct financial investment in this trade by southern states. However on January 4th 1627 over ten thousand slaves were release without compensated to their owners...

the saga continues

may the ancestors be pleased with their efforts to survive


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