Sunday, August 20, 2006

healing the eye today

Representative of Ra
Representative of Atum
Ancient and Great one for the Ennead
Who comes to him that calls HimThe Moon
Shining in the heavens
Heart of Ra
The Ipi
The Ipi-ib
Who brings the i3ht-eye to its owner
Who brings the Wedjat-eye
Who brings to Ra his eye from Knst
Who brings the eye that was far away
Who giveth life to men
According to whose word the Ennead acts
Who accomplishes truth
Who does what the goddesses love
Universal benefactor
Who does what Ra praises in his chapel
Who does good
Who makes slaughter among the foes of the Wedjat-eye
Who made eternity
He of the balance
He who protects the lunar eye
Throat of the Imn-rn.f
Splendid in speech
The silver Aten
The great one in Hermopolis
The twice great
The thrice great
Great in fear in every land
Great in strength
Great in power
Great in triumph
The ape
The great and venerable ape
Who equipped the Eye for it's owner
He that knows the two lands
The beautiful
Prudent of heart
The eagle of many colored plumage
To Whom is subject life in the Duat
Who increases his figure (crescent moon)
Who increases his form (crescent moon)
The unique one
Clean of hands
Astute in his plans
The messenger
Who distinguishes seasons, months and years
Eloquent judge
Eloquent judge pleased with Ma'at
Who distinguises bodies of different countries
Path opener of Ra
Porter of Horus
Dua Djehuty
Hoteph Djehuty


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