Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cultural Literacy

" As we seek the answers to socio-cultural problems of the day, we cannot expect the way forward would be in isolation. As humans we all occupy space on this planet. Our predecessors have all suffered under the yoke of injustice and inequality.
I propose that instead of utterly focusing on functional literacy, we also consider Cultural Literacy. They are both essential for an unbias understanding of where we are today.
There can be no progress with out acceptance of the past and present as it stands. We need to accept conditions as they exist and reasons why they do exist. Sterling efforts of our predecessors must never be in vain. We must grasp a comprehension of the issues that contributed to the demise of ancient proven systems, ideas, concepts values of given peoples over given time in pursuit of an excellence that still eludes multitudes- across the globe... "
Roi Kwabena


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