Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ra-membering Bello

Andrés Bello
Born : 29th November 1781
Crossed over: 15th October 1865
poet, lawmaker, philosopher, educator and philologist


Do you know, blonde, that favor I solicit

when I cover the altars with offerings?

Not rich furnishings, not superb lands,

neither a table that flatters the apetite.

At the edge of Aragua I want a parcelto supply me with simple pleasures,

and close to my rustic homea brook that runs among the rocks.

To feel good around the summery warmth,

I also want my plot to have a grove,where the proud coconut and the willow can grow.

I'll be happy if in this refuge I die;

and, upon exhaling my fugitive breath,

I stamp on your lips my last goodbye!

Andrés Bello — Venezuela, 1781


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