Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dr. Pauulu Kamarakafego crosses over

Dr. Pauulu Kamarakafego
“We should always give back to society, wherever we are. This can take many forms, including teaching, doing volunteer work, and informing the public of their rights. Help where you can, always, live in a sustainable way, and remain humble.” Dr. Pauulu Kamarakafego
"Of course, Africans sold their kith and kin into slavery. Yes, the slave merchants found willing accomplices amongst us and in exchange for cheap ridiculous items like a mirror, tobacco, cutlass, gun or a drink, we did their dirty jobs for them.But if you expect us to feel guilty about our negative role in slavery, you are not being realistic because Africans, like the other species of the human race, have their own greedy ones too. In relative terms though, only a very small minority of Africans benefited commercially from our enslavement considering the quantities of mirrors etc they acquired and they were loathed by the captive majority. Names of such African traitors like the notorious Kosoko of Lagos still invoke hate today in Africans when ever mentioned.Collectively, Africans did not understand what slavery was really all about . Even including the traitors, we had no idea we would never see our dear ones again or how far the ocean stretched to keep them apart from us. Parents hoped that their children being kidnapped into slavery would be treated no worse than we treat our houseboys today. Houseboys or girls in Africa are slaves in a sense but slavery to an African is like an adoption. Africa is almost a free slavery system, more akin to the Greek or Roman system. A parent who cannot cope with bringing up a child may hand over the child to another parent in a better position to give the child a good home. A parent may give a child to a Chief because usually, Chiefs are well placed to provide food and shelter through the communal tax systems. The slave in an African home often has the rights of the adopted child.Even now, a hundred years after the supposed end to cross Atlantic slavery, Africans on the continent still do not know the hell enslaved Africans went through in the hands of the slave masters.You have kept your historical perspective on slavery intact whereas in Nigeria for instance, the only reminder of it is a solitary slave chain preserved as a tourist attraction in a run-down hut in Badagry, a coastal suburb of Lagos. Ghana has more terrifying evidence in their fantastic Castles, but Africans on the continent hardly visit or relate to the evidence. One of the Castles in Ghana has been given over to the African Descendants Association. They have a guest book you sign, and looking through, you see very personal and emotional comments by black visitors from abroad to the Castle. For you, the reaction when faced with damning evidence is painful. It is painful to remember that you were sold here like cattle but for us Africans on the continent, our memory of slavery is completely blank...."
To say by HERU: May Geb make an offering.
Be gone, flee YOU whom HERU guards, whom Set protects;
Be gone, flee, YOU whom aAUSAR guards, whom Hrti protects;
Be gone, flee, YOU whom AUSET guards, whom Nephthys protects;
Flee, chief, YOU whom M'nti-’irti guards, whom DHEUITY protects;


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