Sunday, November 20, 2005

T&T celebrates qualification for World Cup Soccer

National Flag of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
T&T scoring the deciding goal against Bahrain

News circulates around the planet, as the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago have qualified to play in the finals of the Football World Cup.

Congratulations to the team members and coach.
Best Wishes to the citizens of T&T who have clearly demonstrated with jubilation their loyalities. For despite the depressing rise in Violent Crime have held out to celebrate this win ...
May the T&T team be as successful in Germany fostering further civic pride amongst a people who truly are deserving.

Give thanks to the efforts of our ancestors..
sculptured deity of INERI peoples
including the indigenous "INERI" who played their own game traditionally body painted in the sacred red, black and white...

ole ole ole!!!
we go be in germany
so put down the gun
forget mayhem and crime
as even
dem politrickians
unite on crime and equal opportunity...


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