Sunday, December 11, 2005

Djeheuty: deity of knowlege

According to the ancient Calendar of KMT & TA-KASH (ancient Egypt & KUSH) the 13th of December is celebrated as the day when the deity of learning: DJEHEUTY made a sacred oath . It is the Season of PERET (spring) the month of TYBI, ruled by the NETER: MIN the year of 6245.

Djeheuti as a baboon
Betray not my secrets
to the men of the North
or the men of the South
lest my curse fall upon ye.

Remember and heed my words,
for surely will I return again
and require of thee
that which ye guard.Aye,
even from beyond time and
from beyond death will I return,
rewarding or punishing
as ye have requited your truest.

Great were my people
in the ancient days,
great beyond the conception
of the little people now around me;
knowing the wisdom of old,
seeking far within the heart of infinity
knowledge that belonged to Earth's youth.

Wise were we
with the wisdom of
the Children of Light
who dwelt among us.Strong
were we with the power
drawn from the eternal fire.

Excerpt of the tablets of Djeheuty

Pour libations for this ancestor whose knowledge influences to this present moment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:09 am  
Blogger roi kwabena said...

thanks for visiting the site...please lets communicate more. I just visited your site...very interesting...

7:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, okay. Many years ago, I was meeting with other members of the quiz bowl team from my high school, and one of them had the Book of the Dead. When I saw the hieroglyphs in typescript, I was gripped by a wondrous quality they exuded. That was about 1972.

1:53 am  
Blogger roi kwabena said...

thanks for your comments. i am pleased to share the following
read the file

raed about the origin of hieroglyphs.
further thanks for sharing your experiences.

8:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, again;

I will examine your web pages. Thanks. For centuries, people were told that the Sumerians had invented writing. Then, a few years ago, some wine labels were discovered at Abydos, and are evidently older than any other inscription.

At the moment, I am setting up a web page of the transcription and translation of Amenemope, because of all the Schoolboy Texts, it is the one that most glorifies Thoth:

I am an Aquarian Monkey. If you wish to write, one of my addresses is

Happy Day of the Oath of Thoth!


1:14 am  
Blogger roi kwabena said...

give thanks bob
it has truly been an eventful day...and the full moon approaches

2:00 am  

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