Sunday, December 18, 2005

Emancipation or Abolition of Chattel slavery in USA

US Congress
passed 13th Amendment
abolishing slavery,
18th December 1865

" The Americans had proved to be less hesitant than the British in passing laws against the Slave Trade, but they were also less hesitant in breaking them. When the Constitution was ratified, the importation was legal in Georgia and was technically legal in North Carolina, but at the cost of prohibitive duty. Everywhere else it was a violation of the state law.

Many states including Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut which owned most of the slave ships had forbidden their citizens to engage in the trade. Nevertheless it had been revived illegally and had began to flourish...."

Black Cargoes=SlaveTrade "Fight to abolish Slave trade"

restraining irons-tools of the gentleman's trade

pour libations for the souls of those who suffered that great MA'AFA


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