Sunday, January 22, 2006

A new era beckons



PACHAKUTIC has dawned ushering as predicted by the ancients an expected period ending 500 years of domination of Indigenous world after the arrival of the strangers in the West.
Most evident as experienced in the south is the blessing of the new President of Bolivia, a son of the indigenous womb who once shepherded llama will now lead a nation forward.
May the ancestors be pleased.
We remember ancestor deity INTI

with reverence we recite the ancient Inca prayers

Creator, end of all things
root of all
Lord of the Lake
active diligent Wiracocha,
Lord of Mountains
Lord of Prayers
Lord of Rituals
Lord without measure,
Creator, end of all,
who rewards and grants:
Let the communities and peoples prosper
and also those who journey outside or within.

O Lord
fortunate, happy, victorious Wiracocha,
merciful and compassionate toward the people:
Before you stand your servants and the poor
to whom you have given life and put in their places:
Let them be happy and blessed
with their children and descendants;
let them not fall into veiled dangers
along the lonely road;
let them live many years
without weakening or loss,
let them eat, let them drink.

excerpt: Sacred Hymns of Inca Ancestor Pachacutec


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