Friday, February 17, 2006

celebrating a memory

a memory to be cherished

EL Hajj Malik Omowale El-Shabazz
aka Malcolm X
born 1925- Crossed over 1965
A devout human rights activist, champion of the civil rights movement in the USA and Pan Africanist Malcolm X, has made an enduring impact on lives of the present.
Ancestors MLK & MX

On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was shot to death as he delivered a speech in Manhattan's Audobon Ballroom.
Malcolm X said on Afrikan American History:
". . when you go back into the past and find out where you once were, then you will know that you weren't always at this level, that you once had attained a higher level, had made great achievements, contributions to society, civilization, science and so forth. And you know that if you once did it, you can do it again; you automatically get the incentive, the inspiration and the energy necessary to duplicate what our forefathers formerly did. But by keeping us completely cut off from our past, it is easy for the man who has power over us to make us willing to stay at this level because we feel that we were always at this level, a low level. That's why I say it is so important for you and me to spend time today learning something about the past so that we can better understand the present, analyze it, and then do something about it...."



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