Friday, February 10, 2006


The slaying of a journalist is a sad indictment against the government of any state
Ras Ronald Waddell

Waddell was ambushed by gunmen and shot to death as he pulled into his driveway. Waddell was a leading journalist and television talk show host on Guyana’s HNBTV Channel 9. He was an open critic of the government. Recently Waddell came under sustained attacks from officials of the ruling PPP and the government for condemning and exposing alleged government racism.

These attacks were so intense that in 2005, Waddell on several occasions expressed fear for his life.

In addition, the PPP government successfully embarked on a campaign, led by Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon and Prime Minister Sam Hinds, to remove him from the airwaves. The government even went to the extreme of suspending the license of HNBTV, claiming that Waddell has been making “anti-government” and “inflammatory” statements.

Waddell also recently called for solidarity with the people of the village of Buxton, a historic Afro-Guyanese village which was purchased by African slaves. Buxton has been plagued by uprisings and criminal activity, ostensibly as a result of governmental neglect and sabotage. Recently, police raided every home in Buxton at the direction of Guyana’s President, Bharrat Jagdeo.

The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura today condemned the murder of television journalist Ronald Waddell in Guyana and called for a full investigation into the crime.
“I condemn the murder of Ronald Waddel,” the Director-General declared. “This assassination is an attack against democracy, which cannot function properly without respect for the basic human right of freedom of expression and its corollary: freedom of the press. I am confident of the determination of the Guyanese authorities to investigate this crime,” Mr Matsuura added, “and bring those who perpetrated it to justice.”

"Writing was my father's great love. No doubt he would have loved to have been remembered as a man of letters and he had already arrogated to himself the literary ambition of forging the uncreated conscience of his people in his soul. Life goes on but the pain never goes, I love you Dad. May your soul R.I.P. Justice will be served." Yours faithfully, Fahmi Waddell

may the ancestors be pleased with his efforts


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