Saturday, January 28, 2006

now is to be in the knowing

Lama's body after death 75 yrs ago
astonishes scientists and devotees

Yesterday is a memory
Tomorrow is the unknown
Now is the Knowing

pilgrims adorning Dashi Dorzho itigilov

With the permission of the Buddhist clergy, scientists investigated samples of tissues of the "imperishable body". They compared them with those of living people. When one of the scientists approached the body, she could clearly feel the warmth of his hands. Professor Viktor Zvyagin from the Federal Center for Forensic Medicine, examined Itighelov's body in Ivolginsk last November, and conducted analyses of hair, skin and nail specimens after his return to Moscow. He concluded that Itighelov's body was in the condition of someone who had died 36 hours ago.

Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov as a Mummy


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