Friday, May 12, 2006

in the footsteps of the Liberator Bolivar

Presidents Fidel Castro & Hugo Chavez
President Hugo Chavez
on your way to AFRIKA

"...When success is not assured, when the state is weak, and when results are distantly seen, all men hesitate; opinion is divided, passions rage, and the enemy fans these passions in order to win an easy victory because of them. As soon as we are strong and under the guidance of a liberal nation which will lend us her protection, we will achieve accord in cultivating the virtues and talents that lead to glory. Then will we march majestically toward that great prosperity for which South America is destined. Then will those sciences and arts which, born in the East, have enlightened Europe, wing their way to a free Colombia, which will cordially bid them welcome...."
September 6, 1815
Kingston, Jamaica, Caribbean
Letter from Jamaica- Simon Bolivar

Ancestor Simon Bolivar


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