Monday, May 29, 2006

Indian Arrival Day & Indentureship

A Ship used to transport indentures to Caribbean
Friday 30th May 1845

Ship: Fatel Rozack
Cargo: 225 Indentured labourers on a journey
of one hundred days from Calcutta, British India
3 fatalities -222 Arrived
Indenturers arrival on an island port near Trinidad

It was the lucrative Slave Trade to the British Caribbean islands, (not Chattel Slavery) which was abolished in 1834 by the English Parliament. Though the plantocracy was compensated, Afrikan captives considered property were required to serve five more years of service to their "OWNERS" under an assumed "Apprenticeship" scheme. This period was designed to enable them through a transition to CIVILDOM.

The British East India Company imported Indentured Labourers from Portugal,Syria, Lebanon, India, China, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Indonesia to replace the Afrikan captives.

This anniversary is celebrated with a Public Holiday in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.


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