Tuesday, June 20, 2006

perhaps now-whether blight or dwight wins tonight

Perhaps now

we made it
to the world cup

maybe football
go replace the senseless
murders & kidnappings

perhaps now
our sons will wear tugs
foget the politrickians
an' put down de guns

i give thanks as the spirit of the Zed festival
has shone light
in the darkness

the pyramids of
blood red, pure white
an' deep oil pitch black
our national flag fluttering

may the ancestors be praised
oui boys climb up a level

dance dance
wave the flags for
all the ancestors
the spirits
of all who strove
so that these days
after deluge of yemanja
ogun clashing
sXango calling

give thanks
kick de ball
straight into the nets
we go never geh teef again

put down de
imported machine.gun
kick ah ball
lift yuh head
shout it loud
dis better than
kickin' condensed milk tin

oyah oui
© roi kwabena


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