Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mobile Phone giants endanger health of Citizens in Trinidad & Tobago

Telecommunication giants Digicel, BMOBILE and TSTT are together ignoring health and safety of the citizens of Trinidad & Tobago with irresponsible erection of mobile phone masts in residential and near /on academic facilities.

Concerted Opposition cannot be ignored...

The current PNM Minister responsible for Planning and Development needs to immediately address this serious issue of STANDARDS. What about Tow and Country planning? What about the local Government departments? What about transparency in Public Affairs?

Where are the regulations? Is it possible that individuals can accept financial reward and ignore the process of consultation of their neighbour's? Why should such unscrupulous activity be allowed to continue???.

In the absence of any response on this issue=appropraite Political action will have to be explored. In fact the political survival of the party is at stake.

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