Wednesday, December 13, 2006

hollywood attacks indigenous peoples with RACISM again

Scary Villains: "I think what we managed to do with the warriors was to make these some of the scariest dudes you could see," he says

what an idiot?
Mel Gibson should hang his head in shame. He seems to have conviently forgotten or wilfully insults the MAYA , who with ancient dignity provided him with the essencial hospitality during his stay as he shot the movie in the rainforests of central America.

He joins the hall of shame as do the creators of the racist movie "pirates on a dead man chest"

Shame on you Mel you have sunked to the lowest depths of IGNORANCE or worse still RACISM>!

May the ancestors guide and empower those affected by this disgraceful onsalught of our sacred heritage.

Ignacio Ochoa, director of the Nahual Foundation said "Gibson replays, in glorious big budget Technicolor, an offensive and racist notion that Maya people were brutal to one another long before the arrival of Europeans and thus they deserved, in fact, needed, rescue,"


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