Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crime in Trinidad & Tobago-AH WISH AH WAS AN OBEAH MAN


beads of perspiration
anticipating exhalation, harbouring
incessant cramps. Pervading rancid
aroma of rotting cabbage
curdling calabash enthrals. So minister protest price of flour
racist hairstyle exclusion, induced

weather patterns wreck my islands. Please
arrest this provocation

Mechanised imported wigs unable to protect
robbed and beaten retired heads of states, impounded
BE- oh-ac/dc leased planes, airport bomb threats, frozen
bank accounts, criminal deportees,
luxury flats,wire-tapping. Charges, arrests
and more charges. Please
arrest this provocation

stew sour tamarind innocence banished
leh go beast on the loose
school boys running like mad from police
untreated violent behaviour, feeding trauma

stranger, unfamiliar faced passenger
friend or maxi taxi driver
victim to a high-tech villain
without identification. Please
arrest this provocation

murders, gang-warfare, common assault
of prisoners or mps . Violent pop
concerts linked to aggressive
behaviour shot up by police. Testing
entrance examinations. Forgotten

communities where fear reigns. Please
arrest this provocation
government officials pray with feuding gang-leaders
robberies, drive-by shootings, kidnapping,
slain police officers families at funerals
blazing road blocks rubbished. Terrified
shot up bystanders
as if escaped from saint anns

with messages. Please
arrest this provocation
venerable small business proprietors
their kidnapped siblings
chorale beseeching prime
security minister
for gun licences. Ongoing arguments over constitution,

extraditions, regulations ,
crime legislations. Assassinations
acquisitions, accusations. Please
arrest this provocation
cabildo without spanish expatriates

disrespected douglas, afrikans an' east indians,
legal appointments, consultants,
foreign archbishop,voter padding,
ransom payments,
hustling q-cees, drugs washed ashore,
victims of crime
innocent without redress. Please
arrest this provocation

gun running syndicates,
another olympian
promised an accommodation. Stolen chalice

of communion, daylight police shooting
civilians an' bandits, coup rumours
missing army hardware, stolen uniforms
uzis ablaze mayhem, terror senseless
parrying with death. Please
arrest this provocation
insinuations of criminals in
almost every home. Venal politicians,

sellers of cloth exposed. Faulty nuts
causing caroni explosions. Please
arrest this provocation


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