Tuesday, January 16, 2007

culture...may the ancestors be pleased with your efforts

Ancestor CULTURE aka Joseph Hill
Born: 22nd January 1949
Crossed Over: August 19, 2006
War in in serria leon (excerpt of song)

Out of the woodland Man a nah nuh fight none
Stretch out your hand, put it out yourself
What do you want? Long sleeve or short sleeve?
And them a take them cutlass and them chop it off (your request now)
Long sleeve them chop you on the wrist
Short sleeve them a cut it to the arm
We have everything in paradise (my God) Here in the West
Even them Christmastime them song like a Christmastime without light!!
From the woodland Just the sound of a bird.
When I woke up in my lonely cottage,
listening to the song of each thing
And every man them a fight
it don't know who is gonna win War in a Africa
But it is extra slaughter there in Sierra Leone
One president fall down

Joseph Hill (CULTURE)
┬ęCopyright (all rights reserved)


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