Thursday, September 22, 2005

Message for BHM 2005


Events of the past few months have clearly indicated, a need for Black People to Re-access & Re-evaluate their relationship with MOTHER EARTH! KATRINA & RITA in particular brings to our attention, our maintained wanton disrespect for our planet. and the widening gap between the haves and HAVENOTS. We give thanks for the lives of those who are now ancestors.
It is pertinent to celebrate cultural diversity across the PLANET, BUT NO ONE can negate the pertinence of ancient traditions and everlasting contributions of Afrikans & Indigenous Peoples to World Civilization.
Black History Month is celebrated during the months of October and November across the UK.



Anonymous cudjoe said...

As a life long pan-Afrikanist, activist, and speaker on the History of Afrikan People, past, present and future, i long ago gave up the practice of lecturing on "black history month". Here i am speaking of the shortest month in the year February which started as BlackHistory Week more than 40 years ago by Carter G. Woodson. His book The Mis-Educationof the Negro still stands today as the foremost reason why we have made no significant unified progress in our struggle.
After more than forty years we have done nothing more than add 3 weeks to an idea that is the foundation of our release from the shackles of mental slavery.
It pleases me to see that somewhere on our front we have moved beyond the shortest month in the year to speak about ourselves to ourselves.
The future redemtion of Afrika and Afrikans globally lies in our mental state.
Balck History Month"s" must become a living daily reality.
uNTIL WE become cognizant of our past we cannot understand our present and will not be able to plan a future.
The institutions that are the pillars of western christian "un" civilization are the same institutions that shackle us and have us bound to them.
Unless the impact that WE have on the minds of OUR People is not as vigilant and as constant as the impact that western institutions have on those same minds we will not progress.
Those that have freed themselves from the shackles of mental slavery must dedicate their life energies to freeing others. Through a process of this nature we will eventually build the mass understanding necessary to allow us to make the quantum leap forward that is necessary to place us in the correct positon in the affairs of human dynamics.

1:49 pm  
Blogger roi kwabena said...

Thanks very much brother Cudjoe.

Actually if you had visited my personal website till yesterday I expressed my opinion on Celebrations of this nature.
As I am not all for celebration of our heritage for a specific token month or two months.
Rather, I am devoted to the task for constant application of all our ancestral concepts, principles and values with due respect for the planet we now occupy.

Yes, our "Imminent Redemption" is mental and this links directly with the unseen through our DNA and monogenetic cells.

May the ancestors guide you on your journey

May we always embrace MA'AT & HURRCAN

2:34 pm  

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