Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today marks the first step towards closure on a terrible, tragic legacy

A first step towards closure

Chief Phil Fontaine, Leader of Indigenous First Nation Peoples has described the historic decision by the Canadian Government to offer compensation in the following words:
" Today marks the first step towards
closure on a terrible, tragic legacy "
Thousands of former pupils at over a hundred plus government funded residential schools have made allegations of physical and sexual abuse spanning seven decades.
The Canadian Government to pay at least CD$2bn as compensation to Indigenous victims in exchange for the dropping of charges against the Church and state.
study of indigenous peoples on 1800's postcard
According to press reports a fast track payments will commence immediately from which over 80,00 indigenous citizens will benefit. Many of those eligible are over the age of sixty and many victims have already passed on. Never theless it is a great step forward towards resettlement /inclusion of indigenous peoples into mainstream society and reconciliation. Canada deserves to be commended on this brave and just decision.
Justice Minister Irwin Cotler described the abuse which took place as "the single most disgraceful, racist and harmful act in our history". While Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, said he hoped the package would bring a "just and lasting solution" for the victims.
May the ancestors be pleased
pour libations to all cardinal points
wave the feather in all directions
ya' ayaa


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