Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ancestors Carlos Cooks & Mosiah Garvey

Pioneers of the struggle


Born 1913

Crossed over 1966

Passionately fascinated with the excellence of our African origin.Philosophically committed to the ideals of Marcus Garvey -African Nationalism and self-determination.

Dedicated to the assertion of our freedom, regardless of obstacles.

One Cause

One Goal

One Destiny

Ancestor Marcus Mosiah Aurelius Garvey, Jr.

Born 1887

Crossed over 1940

You all know how the different West Indians despise each other, how the Jamaican despise the Barbadian and the Barbadian despise the Jamaican and all the other islands hate each other. The UNIA was founded in 1914 after my experience of travel in South America, in Central America, in all the West Indian islands and in Europe, seeing well the need for greater unity amongst the black people of the world."

“Therefore the American Negroes and the West Indian Negroes are one, and they are relics of the great African race which was brought into the Western world and kept here for 400 years. I told them in Harlem that it is my duty to reunite the Negroes of Africa, to make a great nation of black men..." Marcus Garvey

One Creator

One Hope

One Goal

one Destiny

pouring libations

We give thanks for the lives of these ancestors


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