Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thinking beyond our time

Ancestor Cyril Lionel Robert James
Writer Historian Thinker Socialist Journalist Theorist
Crossed over:1989
"...The brutal assault upon civil rights sooner or later will be completely integrated in the minds of the workers with the economic and political degradation which capitalism imposes upon them. To follow this movement step by step but never to lose sight of the relationship between the assault upon civil rights and the degradation of capitalism...."
"I am affiliated to nobody in particular, I have some friends in England, and I have some friends in the United States, there are people in Italy, and we are very closely associated with the ideas that we have, we exchange ideas, they translate some of my stuff into Italian and people published in England, in America and so on, but there is no affiliation in the old sense for this reason I have now come to the conclusion and that is a contribution to the Marxist/Leninist doctrine that today and for some years now we do not need a vanguard party in the sense that Lenin and the others used to put it forward or rather in the way that Lenin was interpreted as putting forward the vanguard party, the vanguard party is not necessary for the development of the workers into Socialism, Marx wrote about the Commune and he said that is it, they used to ask him this dictatorship of the proletariat that you're talking about where is it, he said there, he wrote about the Commune, he said that is the way the workers will develop, Lenin said the Soviet, The State And Revolution doesn't mention the party, it deals with the Soviet and Mao Tse-tung wrote, his great contributions he said were two, number one: to defeat Chiang Kai-shek and get the Japanese out of China and the second one was the cultural revolution and the cultural revolution was aimed at the education of the workers and the peasants so as to get rid of the leadership of the movement by the party, so that Marx, Lenin and Mao Tse-tung always had a very critical idea about the party, it was necessary there were times when you had to do it, but that that was absolutely necessary to building the workers into Socialism, no sir, and that's what, I have led that and nowadays many people believe it..."
CLR JAMES in reply to an interview in 1980
may the ancestors be please with his efforts


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