Thursday, July 13, 2006

day of RA

Homage to you, O you who is Ra when you rise, and who are Tem when you set in beauty. You rise and you shine on the back of your mother [Nut], O you who is crowned the king of the deities! Nut welcome you, and pay homage unto you, and Maat, the everlasting and never-changing goddess, embrace you at noon and at eve.
You stride over the heavens, being glad at heart, and the Lake of Testes is content. The Sebau-fiend has fallen to the ground, his fore-legs and his hind-legs have been hacked off him, and the knife have severed the joints of his back.
Ra have a fair wind, and the Sektet Boat set out on its journey, and sailed on until it come into port. The gods of the South, the gods of the North, the gods of the West, and the gods of the East praise you, O you Divine Substance, from whom all living things came into being.
You did send forward the word when the earth was submerged with silence, O you Only One, who still dwell in heaven before ever the earth and the mountains came into being. Hail, you Runner, Lord, Only One, you maker of the things that are, you have fashioned the tongue of the Company of the Gods, you have produced whatsoever come forth from the waters, you spring up out of them above the submerged land of the Lake of Heru.
Let me breathe the air which come forth from your nostrils, and the north wind which come forward from your mother Nut. Make you my Spirit-soul to be glorious, O Ausar, make you my Heart-soul to be divine. You are worshipped as you set, O Lord of the gods, you are exalted by reason of thy wondrous works.
Shine you with the rays of light upon my body day by day, upon me, Ausar the scribe, the assessor of the divine offerings of all the gods, the overseer of the granary of the Lords , the real royal scribe who love you, Ankhkara, whose word is truth, in peace.
may the ancestors be pleased


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