Monday, August 06, 2007

RA solar effect

full story

"Homage to YE, O thou who risest in the horizon as "Ra, "

you restest upon law unchangeable and unalterable.
"YOU"passest over the sky, and every face watcheth thee and "thy
"course, for thou hast been hidden from their gaze. Thou "dost
"show thyself at dawn and at eventide day by day. The "Sektet*
"boat, wherein is the Majesty, goeth forth with light; thy "beams
"are upon all faces; the [number] of red and yellow rays
"cannot be known, nor can thy bright beams be told. The "lands
"of the gods, and the lands of Punt* must be seen, ere "that which
"is hidden [in thee] may be measured. Alone and by "thyself thou
"dost manifest thyself when thou comest into being "above Nu


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