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Aztec calendar predicted the next solar eclipse

The Aztecs were the children of Toltec people who came from the north... and originally an empire known as AZTLAN. The word translates as "Place of Metal".


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Just to show how minds sometimes turn and look in the same direction. Just recently, I started looking again at Mayan prophecies. Specifically, the book of Chilam Balam. Looking at this book, one might at first think that it is the work of a true christian, but, what has to be remembered is the environment in which this work was created. This was a time when the spanish 'church' had immense powers in Mexico, remnants of the inquisition still roamed the land and, at the slightest sign of anything that resembled 'idolatory', the stake (or an equivalent) would be set up and the canibbals would feed.

The ones who held ancient knowledge, like their counterparts in the African diaspora, knew that this knowledge could not be presented to thier children in it's original form, any attempts to do this was denounced as 'witchcraft', so, they dressed it up in christian garments and, were then able to pass down what they had learnt from the ancestors. An example would be the way Africans in brasil hid Sango behind a christian veil called Santa Barbara.

An unfortunate side-effect of this neccesary subterfuge is that now, in this day, many mistake the masquerade for the message; they do not see behind the metaphor.

At this time Oxlahun-ti-ku came forth, but he did not know of the descent of the sin of the mat, when he came into his power. The flower was his mat, the flower was his chair. He sat in envy, he walked in envy. Envy was his plate, envy was his cup. There was envy in his heart, in his understanding, in his thought and in his speech. Ribald and insolent was his speech during his reign. At that time his food cries out, his drink cries out, from the corner of his mouth when he eats, from the back of his claw when he bites his food. He holds in his hand a piece of wood, he holds in his hand a stone. Mighty are his teeth; his face is that of Lahun Chan, as he sits. Sin is (in) his face, in his speech, in his talk, in his understanding (and in) his walk. His eyes are blindfolded. He seizes, he demands as his right, the mat on which he sits during his reign. Forgotten is his father, forgotten is his mother, nor does his mother know her offspring. The heart is on fire alone in the fatherless one who despises his father, in the motherless one. He shall walk abroad giving the appearance of one drunk, without understanding, in company with his father, in company with his mother. There is no virtue in him, there is no goodness in his heart, only a little on the tip of his tongue. He does not know in what manner his end is to come; nor does he know what will be the end of his reign, when the period of his power shall terminate.

This is Bolon-ti-ku. (Like that of) Bolon Chan is the face of the ruler of men, the two day occupant of the mat and throne. He came in Katun 3 Ahau. After that there will be another lord of the land who will establish the law of another katun, after the law of the lord of Katun 3 Ahau shall have run its course. At that time there shall be few children; then there shall be mourning among the Itza who speak our language brokenly. Industry (and) vigor finally take the place, in the first tun (of the new katun), of the sin of the Itzá who speak our language brokenly. It is Bolon-ti-ku who shall come to his end (with) the law of the lord of Katun 3 Ahau. Then the riddle of the rulers of the land shall end the law of the katun. Then those of the lineage of the noble chiefs shall come into their own, with the other men of discretion and with those of the lineage of the chiefs. Their faces had been trampled on the ground, and they had been overthrown by the unrestrained upstarts of the day and of the katun, the son of evil and the offspring of the harlot, who were born when their day dawned in Katun 3 Ahau. Thus shall end the power of those who are two-faced toward our Lord God.

But when the law of the katun shall have run its course, then God will bring about a great deluge again which will be the end of the world. When this is over, then our Lord Jesus Christ shall descend over the valley of Jehoshaphat beside the town of Jerusalem where he redeemed us with his holy blood. He shall descend on a great cloud to bear true testimony that he was once obliged to suffer, stretched out on a cross of wood. Then shall descend in his great power and glory the true God who created heaven and earth and everything on earth. He shall descend to level off the world for the good and the bad, the conquerors (and) the captives.

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light upon light

all we seek will embrace us where we choose to be

may the ancestors guide and protect you

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