Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lara Lara Cricket Roy

National Flag of the Republic of Trinidada & Tobago

Trinidad born Brian Lara - hailed as King of World Cricket

Son of Port of Spain environs: the sleepy village of Santa Cruz> Brian Lara achieved another first as he played in the West Indies’ first innings of the third Test against Australia yesterday.
He was recognised formally on gaining a double century plus of runs as the highest scorer of Test Runs in the history of the game.

This is a second victory for TRINIDAD & TOBAGO whose Football team "SOCA WARRIORS" qualified for World Football Cup Finals due to be held in Germany.
This news comes at a time as T'dad & T'bago is facing the untoward challenges as a young Republic characterised by rising crime, political insecurity and social inequality.
Needless to say the entire West Indian Team deserve commendation for their speedy recovery from poor results in recent Tests.
While the culturally diverse population of Trinidad & Tobago may be comforted by the fact that their sport icons are shining to inspire the youth forward.
Pour Libations for the Ancestors
In particular the indigenous INERI who are scarcely celebrated in those islands.

lara! lara "
wave yuh bat


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