Friday, February 24, 2006

ancient keys to the secrets

"Know you
that in the pyramid I built
are the Keys
that shall show you
the Way into life.
YES, draw you a line from the great image I built, to the apex of the pyramid, built as a gateway. Draw you another opposite in the same angle and direction. Dig you and find that which I have hidden. There shall you find the underground entrance to the secrets hidden before you were men...."




Anonymous EmpressTsahai said...

Royal RasTafari Greetinz and Hetep!

I have always KNOWN within I own self (genetic memories) that the KEYS laid within the pyramids (house of fiyah/sol/soul)! Also just found out that InI have pyramids within our body-temples! Small microscopic pyramids within! Somehow I believe that this is intimately related to the pyramids OUTSIDE of ourselves.

Any thoughts?

Empress Tsahai

2:04 pm  
Blogger roi kwabena said...


i am happy that you read within the lines....
walk in the light

4:59 pm  
Anonymous Empress Tsahai said...

Yes Iyah,

InI have been meditating further on this subject, only to find your words "walk in the light" a perfect reflection of my meditations....leading I to this question I hope InI can build on further:

Been considering the following facts:

1)The Great Mind/Creator "dwellt in BLACKNESS/VOID" prior to the manifestation of Light in Eternal Meditation.

2) The Universe is over 80% "Shaddow/Dark Matter", a world of "mystery" to the western world but a KNOWN world to the Afrikan Mind (ancestral realm,the "unseen" world")

3) The Spiritual Eye (pineal gland) is BLACK, produces BLACK and sees into BLACKNESS, the most perfect divine Gateway to the Ancestral World as opposed to the PHYSICAL EYES which can only see in LIGHT, within a WORLD OF ILLUSIONS/MATRIX. What the physical eye sees can be argued to be optical illusions, depending on how LIGHT is reflected, etc.

Is it fair, considering the above reasonings, to say that this world of light is an illusionary one, a matrix, and that ONLY that which the Spiritual Eye sees (BLACK) is in fact...REALITY and TRUTH, void/free of limited physical sight? And if the answer is yes...then would "walking in the Light" be approriate as, lets say...a good FIRST STEP into knowledge of Self/Creator? Would "walking in the Light" be limited to the PHYSICAL REALM?, and that the KEY to KNOWING SELF includes a NECESSARY RITES OF PASSAGE through the GATEWAY between the world of illusions/light/matrix into the ancestral world of BLACKNESS?

Also, in reading the ancestral words you posted prompting these thoughts, it is said that in digging deep BELOW and/or WITHIN the pyramids (the underworld, guided by Anubis/Carbon/Blackness) InI would find keys to "before we were men"....would this mean when we were ETHERIAL BEINGS prior to the creation of LIGHT? Would the journeys to the Keys mentioned by the ancients in fact be a world void of LIGHT?

Any thoughts?

Empress Tsahai

1:56 pm  
Anonymous Empress Tsahai said...

One more thought to share:

From what InI overstand about Quantum Physics (energy/world of possibilities and potential), the physical eye actually COLLAPSES the energy wave into ONE LIMITED perception. Meaning, until the physical eye percieves a ting, there is endless possibilities of energy waves (which Afrikan Spiritual Sciences such as Vodun overstands)...but as soon as the physical eye SEES it, it automatically LIMITS that world of endless possibilities into a TANGIBLE thing. Western science is now realizing that in fact, an object can be in TWO PLACES AT ONCE, but the physical eye narrows/limits it into one.

Where and how does LIGHT play into this collapse of endless potential?

Give thanx for the opportunity to reason. Hope all this made sense.

Empress Tsahai

2:05 pm  
Blogger roi kwabena said...

learnt one

in humility giving thanks for the communication...iani have much to respond on this and would prefer direct email as instead of /on
RA-minding my email address as linked/attached via my profile

yes keys are avialable tuart..tuankh
apedamak kesh hoteph

10:42 pm  
Anonymous Empress Tsahai said...

Yes Iyah,

It is I who is deeply humbled and giving much thanks! I have sent email to you.

Empress Tsahai

3:04 pm  

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