Friday, July 14, 2006


Homage to you, Ausar, Lord of eternity, King of the deities, whose names are manifold, whose transformations are sublime, whose form is hidden in the temples whose KA is holy, the Governor of Tetut, the mighty one of possessions

in the shrine,
the Lord of praises in the nome of Anetch, President of the tchefa food in Anu, Lord who is commemorated in the dwelling places of Maati, the mysterious Soul, the Lord of Karret, the sublime one in White Wall, the Soul of Ra and his very body, who has your dwelling in

the beneficent one, who is praised in Nart, who make to rise up thy Soul, Lord of the Great House in the city of the Eight deities,who inspire.....

ausar hoteph
nefer ausar hika pu
amani ra hoteph


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