Thursday, July 27, 2006

ms lou crosses over

Dr. Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley
Born :1919
Crossed over :2006

Sun a shine, but tings no bright

Doh pot a bwile, bickle no nuff

River flood but water scarce, yaw;

Rain a fall, but dutty tough...

excerpt from poem by Louise Bennett "DUTTY TOUGH"

Jamaican born Ms Lou will surely be missed internationally. She has courageously charted the hopes, dreams and aspirations of Caribbean people everywhere. However we shall not mourn her passing but indeed celebrate with thanksgiving a life dedicated unselfishly to raising consciousness and successfully contributing to the wealth that is today Caribbean literature and Culture.

She is famed with the commentary that Caribbean arrivants in post war Britain came to RE-COLONIALISE INGLAN.


never say gone

never say gone

our soldiers

move on

move on to prepare

so our culture can carry on

excerpt from whether or not


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