Thursday, July 27, 2006

Victims of 1990

Imam Abu Bakr arrested after Coup attempt

Hon. ANR Robinson then serving Prime Minister

Member of Parliament Winston Dookeran addresses the nation during siege

A plaque commemorating victims with an affirmation and eternal flame

On July 27th 1990, former Police Officer now Imam Yasin Abu Bakr of Jamaat Al Muslimeem orchestrated an attempted coup against the democratically elected government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Then serving Prime Minister Hon. ANR Robinson was captured when insurgents captured the Parliament while the His Excellency President Noor Hassanali was aboard.
After five days of civil riots, looting property damage and violence there were more than forty five fatalities. Today let us pour libations and solemnly remember the innocent victims of that sad incident.
I wish to remember my personal friend Ms. Lorraine Caballero - Clerical Officer employed at the Red House (wherein the T&T Parliament is located). Lorraine was caught in the cross fire and left to die on the grounds of the red House. No one went to her rescue.
Sixteen years of promises, no Public Enquiry nor Compensation for her two sons and dependents of other victims.
May the ancestors be pleased with her efforts.


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