Tuesday, October 04, 2005

hurrican reaches yucatan


JOCAHU is the supreme deity of the Taino and "giver of YUCCA (Cassava)"

In early times the Taino & Gallabi sheltered from Hurican(center of the wind) in times as these... in a cavern known today as "the fountain" cavern on the island of "Mallouhanna"

breaking news-2005-10-04 /22.00 gmt
"Stan" crossed the Yucatan Peninsula during the weekend, unleashing heavy rains in Central America, where at least 251 people were killed in floods, mudslides and rough weather at sea.

ancient mystic order of NEB MA'AT RA

NEFERTAMU's revived

Feast Day of Ma'at -7th October 2005

COMMEMORATE the Feast Day of Ma'at 7th October 2005
21st Hethara

yesterday's (3rd October) eclipse


Every thing in the Cosmos is forever changing. Things are born, they die and they come into existence again. All these changes are governed by law.. natural laws ordained... The Cosmos is never changing.. time is a circle look at the sun....look at the moon the present from the past the future from the present a circle all points are linked none can say here is the link the beginning the end for all points both perched
yet there is deeper understanding the past has departed and no longer exists the future has not arrived is yet to come even the present does not last so how can it be said to exist when it does not stay still for a moment

Sunday, October 02, 2005

ancestors returning as deities

It is now a few hours before the expected/predicted Annular SOLAR ECLIPSE. The world Media announced that the statues of two Greek deities were unearthed. This is very significant as they are in fact ancient ancestor/deities of K'MT (Egypt).

--------News Report--------------------------------------------
Athens — The life-sized marble statues of two ancient Greek goddesses have emerged during excavations of a 5,000-year-old town on the island of Crete, archeologists said Friday.
The works, representing the goddesses Athena and Hera, date to between the 2nd and 4th centuries AD – a period of Roman rule in Greece – and originally decorated the Roman theatre in the town of Gortyn, archeologist Anna Micheli from the Italian School of Archaeology told the Associated Press.

My previous posts shared information about Nepthys and Auset. Now I am pleased to indicate hereby that the two godesses are in fact:

NEITH (Deity of Water) and MUT (consort of Amani Ra)

Give thanks for this confirmation from the ancestoral mothers coming from within mother terra.