Thursday, December 01, 2005

journey of a rose -still remembered & honoured

a rose on her journey

Ancestor Rosa Parks

remained seated on a bus

" making history"

and is today honoured by
the city of Mongomery, Alabama fifty years later.
She remained actively devoted to the Civil Rights activist unto
her passing aged 92 on the 24th October 2005.
we pour libations for the efforts and struggles of our Predecessors
Below are booking photographs after being arrested with
Ancestor Martin Luther King Jnr in February 1956.

with Books,Papers & Research

Ancestors Dorothy Parker Wesley & Dr. Charles H. Wesley
Dorothy & Charles Wesley
Giving thanks for the lives of both ancestors to raise consciousness of blacks in the USA.
Pouring libation for both their efforts
Dorothy Porter Wesley was a famed Librarian, Writer, "keeper of the keys to African American knowlege", Africanist, . She devoted her life to the aquisition of documents relating the diverse experiences of the "NEGRO". Her bibilographic knowledge was critical for the success of leading thinkers across the African diaspora.

"...The published works of Charles H. Wesley in 'The Journal of Negro History' covering the period from 1915 to 1969 reflects the fact that his devotion to the study of history covers a wider subject than Negro history. His scholarly output, when considered against his other activities that include being the president of a university, a church minister, a community activist and a campaigner against 20th century racism, portrays him as a true man of the Renaissance and a historian's historiographer...." (Journal of Negro History)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Educate, agitate, but do not violate!"-Clement Payne

BARBADOS celebrates Independence

1200's - WA' AMONI aka ICHIROUAGANA settled by Taino & Gallabi

1625: First settlement by British1600 - 1880

1834: Chattel Slavery abolished

1954: Barbados promoted as vacation destination

1954: Grantley Adams becomes the first Premier

1966: Independence from Great Britain

1999-Barbados Gov't sets up Africa Commission

2000- Afrikan Reparations & Racism Conference hosted on the island

Today Barbados "little England" celebrates Independence from Britian.

chattel house on "wheels"

Among the many let us celebrate the unnamed dwellers of the chattel houses, which were the
highly valued by plantation "workers" aka SLAVES who didn't own the land on which their houses sat.

Barbados has an interesting colonial history. When the demand for sugar grew so did the demand for labor, and it became the custom to "transport" political dissidents, felons, and other undesirables as an alternative to hanging. Oliver Cromwell "barbadoed" hundreds, and these were later joined by the remnants of the Army of the Duke of Monmouth, sent there after the Battle of Sedgemoor by Judge Jeffreys in 1686. Few survived in the climate, and although some of their descendants can still be seen in Barbados, where they are called "Redlegs". Another source of labor was sought, and it was found in Africa.
Among the many historical figures of Barbados, not enough is known of the Liberator
CLEMENT PAYNE (1904-1941)
"He launched a campaign to educate and stimulate the masses, delivering powerful, fiery speeches to audiences who responded with great enthusiasm. The Constabulary Police in Bridgetown saw Payne as a possible threat and from that very first meeting in the City he was under police observation "each moment of the day and night".
He was deported from the island in 1937 by the powers that be, and shortly after his departure, his caution to his followers: "Educate, agitate but do not violate" was ignored with violent protests engulfing the island.
Pour libation for the ancestors who have strove so that island's population survives today...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

freedom riders, Andres Bello & slain Cheyenne

Chief Dull knife of the Northern Cheyenne

Cheyenne photo- 1978

Andres Bellos-Venezuelan Poet/diplomat/Thinker

Attacked Freedom Riders and burning bus
pour libations for the efforts of our ancestors

Sunday, November 27, 2005

El espiritu de Antonio NariƱo y laTierra Madre

The Spirits of Antonio Narino and Mother Earth
Galeras Volcano erupts

With news of desperate attempts by the authorities to evacuate populations of citizens residing near the Galeras volcano in Southern Columbia, South America.

The name of the city there evokes the memory of a celebrated liberator Antonio Narino (1765-1823).
Perhaps the ancestors are again sounding the call for us all to recognise the Rights of all Human beings and be kind to Tierra De Madre.
we give thanks for the sterling efforts of our ancestors...
we pour libations
and ask for protections of
vulnerable communities
residing near GALERAS

sybil is mary is auset is isis is indrani is kwan yin is eternal goddess

Today's news reports of Mary (Mariam) statue weeping blood. Presumed by many as a miracle, also described as an omen of impending catastrophe.

Devotees in California are arriving in multitudes to pay homage to Mary for this occurance. Are they aware that all the deities of ancient times are in fact one Deity...???

I think we should be more kind to mother earth.

pour libations