Saturday, June 10, 2006

ten 2 one is murder

York & another player thank their goal keeper

Like a blast from the past... the ole time kaiso (calypso) by the veteran Mighty Sparrow , his catchy chorus was "TEN TO ONE IS MURDER" that refrain aptly described an ambush of the singer in a fight with criminals.
But the news for the past few days :

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO draws with SWEDEN in their latest World CUP Match. Despite having one of their key players sent off the field by the referee managed to fend off any victorious attempt by the more than experienced VIKINGs- SWEDEN...

The SOCA warriors made the Caribbean proud... Led by DWIGHT Yorke.

With anticipation, now we hear the English team complaining that their poor showing in their match against PARAGUAY was hampered by intolerant sunshine resulting in dehydration...

Trinidad and Tobago will continue group play June 15 against England in Nuremburg, Germany,
CHANT shake yuh boodie- OBEAH WOMEN OF MORUGA--- we done win already....

may the ancestors be pleased

Soca warriors on world stage

May the T&T team be as successful in Germany
fostering further civic pride amongst a people who truly are deserving.
Give thanks to the efforts of our ancestors..
including the indigenous "INERI"
sculptured deity of INERI peoples

who played their own game traditionally body painted in the
sacred red, black and white...
The first round would see TNT Soca warriors up against Sweden today And ENGLAND…on next week Thursday
Ahakutiwa, alëlekatiwa, akuyawatiwa!
We awake, we laugh, we return