Monday, March 06, 2006

end of an era-Never say gone!

Ancestor John La Rose
Crossed over:2006
Poet/Essayist/Publisher/Bookseller/Activist/Trade Unionist/Internationalist

"But a new mode of production… establishes itself over long historical periods amidst many hopes and horrors. The transition to socialism and building socialist societies can be no different. There have been advances and difficulties, zig-zags, victories and defeats. But the human spirit will triumph against all obstacles. And poets, novelists, sculptors and painters and other artists will chronicle the inwardness of their perceptions which cover the surface outwardness of our concealment. The Caribbean has been the cockpit of the modern world and we strive to consolidate its unique identity and historical movement. And we with our books, our ideas, and our actions are committed to change". John La Rose

may the ancestors be pleased with his efforts
we pour libations giving thanks
Our sincerest condolences to his wife, family, relatives, comrades and friends