Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ancient Sudan

nubia...kush remains a mystery to historians...

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temple of ankhkara
Juba - Mahmoud Abdelaziz

may the ancestors be pleased...
Juba is a beautiful city

our father in orion

Tchen, or Anthch (At), is the name of the one at the door. Hetepmes is the name of another there. Messep is the name of another there. Utchara is the name of another there. Beq is the name of another there. Anp (Anubis) is the name of another there. I have made the way. I am Menu-Heru, the avenger of his father, the heir of his father Un-Nefer. I have come. I have given [offerings] to my father Ausar. I have overthrown all his enemies. I have come daily with the word of truth, the lord of fealty, in the house of my father Tem, the Lord of Anu, I, the Ausar Auf-ankh, whose word is truth in the southern heaven. I have done what is right for him that made the right, I have celebrated the Haker festival to the lord thereof. I have acted as the leader of the festivals. I have given cakes to the Lords of the Altar. I have been the leader of the propitiatory offerings, cakes, ale, oxen, geese, to my father Ausar Un-Nefer.
excerpt from: Papyrus of ANI
Ausar Un Nefer

may the ancestors be pleased

Monday, October 23, 2006

Nina Simone - Sunday in Savannah - 1961

Afrikan History Month 2006
a sombre note by the Queen Mother of SOUL!

Ancestor Nina ...I had the honour & pleasure of dancing with her to Calypso music in the streets of Port of Spain in 1974.
may the ancestors be pleased with her efforts

two elders...
live power & strength!!!
may the ancestors be pleased with their efforts
Legacy of Pan-Afrikanism

ancestor kwame toure makes his point

all power to the people!

( Stokeley Carmichael )

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Great Mahalia Jackson -

Ancestor Mahalia Jackson, Greatest gospel singer,
born 26th October 1911
Crossed over- 1972

see & listen as well to Ancestor Dr Betty Shabazz speak about her love malcolm X

may the ancestors be pleased