Saturday, October 01, 2005

Aztec calendar predicted the next solar eclipse

The Aztecs were the children of Toltec people who came from the north... and originally an empire known as AZTLAN. The word translates as "Place of Metal".

Friday, September 30, 2005

Annular Solar eclipse due: 3rd October 2005

GEB (earth) beneath NUT (SKY) deities of ancient K'mt(Egypt)
From this "their cohabitaion came deities: Ausar, Auset, Nepthys & Set

".... And he avengeth thy name by offerings for thy soul placed at thy secret shrine. As for the gods, their arms bear libation vases for the purifying of thy spirit.Come to thy children, oh prince, our lord, nor depart thou from them. Lo! he comes!.. "
quote from the Lamentations of Auset and Nepthys

illustration of the COSMOS according to DENDERA

According to the calendar of the ancient empire of KMT the date of 17 th of 'Hwt-Hr' -reads as Het-Hert (Greek name: Hathor) will be according to the Georgian calendar: Monday 3rd October 2005.
It is October as BHM 2005 is celebrated across the UK, many people are celebrating the efforts of their predecessors.
Concurrence of that ancient date , the oracle illustrates the Spectacular Landing of the Great Names of Netjer in "AbDJW" (a.k.a. by the Greek name: Abydos) and Lamentations of Auset (Isis) & Nebet-Het ('nb.t-Hwt') "the female deity of Protection" (Nephthys) for AUSAR (Osiris).

"....Behold now, Nephthys speaketh,--Behold the excellent sistrum-bearer! Come to thy temple!Cause thy heart to rejoice, for thy enemies are not!All thy sister-goddesses are at thy side and behind thy couch,Calling upon thee with weeping--yet thou art prostrate upon thy bed!Hearken unto the beautiful words uttered by us and by every noble one among us!Subdue thou every sorrow which is in the hearts of us thy sisters,Oh thou strong one among the gods,--strong among men who behold thee!We come before thee, oh prince, our lord Live before us, desiring to behold thee. Turn not thou away thy face before us Sweeten our hearts when we behold thee, oh prince! Beautify our hearts when we behold thee I, Nephthys, thy sister, I love thee:...."


"co-related info???"

In ancient Hindu religion, the chief gods of the Rig-Veda are AGNI, the sacrificial fire, INDRA a heroic god that is praised for having slain his enemy VRTRA, and SOMA, the sacred potion, or the plant of which it is made.

Babylon Texts: The lament for NIBRU-9th kirugu

"...Now see! Enlil has fixed a good day in the land! He has even now ordered the day for Nibru to raise its neck to heaven! He himself has provided a good day for the E-kur to shine! He himself has raised up the day for the Ki-ur's magnificent manifestation! He himself has restored the day for Sumer and Akkad to expand! He himself has set aside the day for houses to be built and storerooms to be enclosed! He himself has brought out the day for seeds to sprout and living things to be born! He has brought out the day for building cattle pens and founding sheepfolds!
Ewes have given birth in the folds, their lambs have filled the pens! The goats which bore kids have filled the folds! The ewes which flocked with their lambs have swelled the sheepfold! The goats which flocked with their kids have caused the pens to be widened! He himself has set the day for turning destruction to the good! He has ...... the day ...... evil! He has brought in Icme-Dagan as assistance for the day for establishing justice in the land! "

In the DABUR aka the Psalms: the traditional myth of the god’s victory over the Dragon—itself projected from the Ritual Combat—is historicized as the triumph of Yahweh over the enemies of Israel.

The Festival of Asif, or “Ingathering,” fell originally at or about the time of the autumnal equinox and comprised the three stages which came later to be distinguished as (a) New Year’s day, (b) the Day of Purgation or Atonement (Kippurim), and (c) the Feast of Booths (Sukkoth). Considered as a single whole, it thus embraced the standard elements of Mortification, Purgation, Invigoration, and Jubilation.

Even among other indigenous cultures:

For the Yakut, such contests characterize the two great tribal festivals of Aiy-ysyakh (Good Spirits) in spring and of Abassy-ysyakh (Bad Spirits) in autumn. On each occasion, Spring (called aiy-uola, “good spirit”), dressed in white and riding a white horse, engages Winter (called abassy-uola, “bad spirit”), clothed in red and riding a roan horse.

Is it a coincidence ?

The once disbelieved ancient prediction in many ancient sacred texts is now finally scientificically accepted as VARUNA a.k.a the "planet X" or "second S(O)UN aka NIBURU

INDRA (Hindu deity)

"At 900 km (550 miles) across, Varuna is only slightly smaller than Charon (1,200 km or 750 miles in diameter), the tiny moon that orbits Pluto (2,400 km or 1500 miles in diameter), the most distant of the Sun's planets.." "New world rivals Pluto" a BBC Scientific Report

"..Varuna was runs at night "is sometimes visible to the glance of its worshippers"; it lives in a house with thousand doors, so that it is always accessible to the names. One says that it has an excellent Vista, because it knows whatever happens in the heart of the men.

He is the king of the Gods and men; he is powerful and frightful: nobody can resist its authority. "He is the sovereign runs of the universe." "He is the one that causes that the sun in the sky shines; the winds that blow are not more than their breath; it has drained you cause them of the rivers, that flow obeying to their mandates and has made the depth of the seas... "

On the left is the Budhist Varuna , while, the original Y42K CD cover (featured below) also supported the discovery of PLANET X Niburu

May the ancestors be pleased!
My next blog will share info on the Tulec/Mayan/Happi/Dogon & Taino predictions