Saturday, December 17, 2005

of doubt or delusion

Once Buddha went to the house of a rich Brahmin with bowl in hand. The Brahmin became very angry and said, "O Bhikshu, why do you lead an idle life of wandering and begging ? Is this not disgraceful ? You have a well-built body. You can work. I plough and sow. I work in the fields and I earn my bread at the sweat of my brow. I lead a laborious life. It would be better if you also plough and sow and then you will have plenty of food to eat".
Buddha replied, "O Brahmin! I also plough and sow, and having ploughed and sown, I eat". The Brahmin said, "You say you are an agriculturist. I do not see any sign of it. Where are your plough, bullocks and seeds ?". Then Buddha replied, "O Brahmin! Just hear my words with attention. I sow the seed of faith. The good actions that I perform are the rain that waters the seeds. Viveka and Vairagya are parts of my plough. Righteousness is the handle.
Meditation is the goad. Sama and Dama - tranquillity of the mind and restraint of the Indriyas (senses) - are the bullocks. Thus I plough the soil of the mind and remove the weeds of doubt, delusion, fear, birth and death. The harvest that comes in is the immortal fruit of Nirvana. All sorrows terminate by this sort of ploughing and harvesting".
The rich arrogant Brahmin came to his senses. His eyes were opened. He prostrated at the feet of Buddha and became his lay adherent.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

PODCAST: HR on air soon

Readers all over the world are due for a special treat. Dialogue and music will be aired at intervals with yours truly as your host and moderator. I propose to cover topics as this blog relating to indigenous issues, Art and Culture.

The podcast will be called: HR ( Hermeneutic Ra=dio)

Listeners will be able to access these files as they will be presented on a weekly basis before being posted eventually twice a week , then daily.

So do feel free to bookmark this site and keep posted.

For the information of readers be aware that my
life's work seeks to promote CULTURAL LITERACY.

pour libations for our ancestors who strove so we can be today

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

TIME: then, now and tomorrow- PRECIOUS moments

Know ye, O man,
that all that exists
has being only because of the Law.
Know ye the Law and ye shall be free,
never be bound by the fetters of night.
Far, through strange spaces, have I journeyed
into the depth of the abyss of time,
learning strange and yet stranger mysteries,
until in the end all was revealed.
Know ye that mystery is only mystery
when it is knowledge unknown to man.
When you have plumbed the heart
of all mystery,
knowledge and wisdom
will surely be thine.
Seek ye and learn that
Time is the secret
whereby ye may be free of this space.
excerpt>Sacred tablets of Djeheuty
we pour libations for our ancestors

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Djeheuty: deity of knowlege

According to the ancient Calendar of KMT & TA-KASH (ancient Egypt & KUSH) the 13th of December is celebrated as the day when the deity of learning: DJEHEUTY made a sacred oath . It is the Season of PERET (spring) the month of TYBI, ruled by the NETER: MIN the year of 6245.

Djeheuti as a baboon
Betray not my secrets
to the men of the North
or the men of the South
lest my curse fall upon ye.

Remember and heed my words,
for surely will I return again
and require of thee
that which ye guard.Aye,
even from beyond time and
from beyond death will I return,
rewarding or punishing
as ye have requited your truest.

Great were my people
in the ancient days,
great beyond the conception
of the little people now around me;
knowing the wisdom of old,
seeking far within the heart of infinity
knowledge that belonged to Earth's youth.

Wise were we
with the wisdom of
the Children of Light
who dwelt among us.Strong
were we with the power
drawn from the eternal fire.

Excerpt of the tablets of Djeheuty

Pour libations for this ancestor whose knowledge influences to this present moment.