Thursday, September 13, 2007


Wisdom is power and power is wisdom,
one with each other, perfecting the whole.

Be you not proud, O man, in your wisdom.
Discourse with the ignorant as well as the wise.
If one comes to you full of knowledge,
listen and heed, for wisdom is all.

Keep you not silent when evil is spoken for Truth
like the sunlight shines above all.
He who over-step the Law shall be punished,
for only through Law comes the freedom of men.
Cause you not fear for fear is a bondage,
a fetter that binds the darkness to men.

Follow your heart during your lifetime.
Do you more than is commanded of you.
When you have gained riches,
follow you, your heart,
for all these are of no avail if
your heart be weary.
Diminish you not the time of
following your heart.
It is abhorred of the soul.

They that are guided go not astray,
but they that are lost cannot find a straight path.
If you go among men, make for yourself,
Love, the beginning and end of the heart.

If one come unto you for council,
let him speak freely,
that the thing for which he have
come to you may be done.
If he hesitates to open his heart to you,
it is because you, the judge, do the wrong.

Repeat you not extravagant speech,
neither listen you to it,
for it is the utterance of one
not in equilibrium.
Speak you not of it,
so that he before you may know wisdom.

Silence is of great profit.
An abundance of speech profited nothing.
Exalt not your heart above the children of men,
Unless it be brought lower than the dust.

Sacred Texts of Djehuti

Monday, September 10, 2007

Afrikan Global Prayer day 12th September 2007

September 12, 2007,
24hrs every hour on the hour
or as long as you please
Black people are at the bottom of the barrel everywhere & face the same issues, some worst than others. As Africans, our Countries rank the poorest in the world and in the world’s richest countries we are among the poorest in these respective countries. We are the same people, no matter what religion we have selected as your path to God. Please join us on this very powerful day of Prayer, Meditation & Unity.

We will be broadcasting LIVE on September 12th on
. (
If you encounter problems logging in to Innerlight radio, please go to, click on the FINDING SPIRIT page & click on listen, this will allow you to enjoy Innerlight radio). We will start the pouring of Libation at 9AM Pacific time and at 12PM Pacific time the next live show will air. Also we will air live at 9PM Pacific time on

We have set guidelines to make sure we are praying for the same causes, life, love, peace, safety, good health (physical, spiritual, & mental), nutritious food, Black Unity & Nation Building, independence, economic empowerment, for the millions of children in orphanages, for our Brothers and Sisters falsely accused and behind bars, our future, & lastly to send Love & Peace to all life, to the Creator of life & Mother Earth.

We need volunteers to post this information on their websites and send this e-mail to as many as possible. Let’s elevate ourselves!

Down load flyer from, click on events. You may contact us at or 626-376-4010, 866-978-6277.

may the ancestors be pleased

Peace and Blessings Queen Mother Nana