Thursday, February 02, 2006

Comandanta Ramona crosses over

Comandanta Ramona crosses the river
Comandanta Ramona
"Ramona was a petite, soft-spoken woman charged with significant responsibilities, such as having been entrusted with the military leadership in San Cristóbal during the uprising in 1994. In February of that year and after the Zapatistas called a cease-fire to the twelve-day long uprising in response to mass peace marches, Ramona was the first Zapatista representative to speak during peace talks with the government. Two years later, when the Mexican authorities forbade the Zapatistas from participating in the National Indigenous Congress in Mexico City, the frail and ill-struck Ramona was asked to represent the Zapatistas. The plan worked as the government conceded to Ramona and she went on to represent the Zapatistas, speaking in front of 100,000 supporters in Mexico City's Zocalo during the important nation-wide indigenous gathering."
Ramona's struggle with cancer was a long one, in which she received a kidney transplant in 1996 after extensive grassroots fundraising. Most sympathizers consider the transplant as having brought her an extra decade of life. As aresult of her illness, Ramona made few public appearances since the Zapatistas came into the public eye following their uprising, but she nonetheless made her mark in a number of ways within the influential indigenous rebel group and far beyond, with its supporters.was the first Zapatista representative to speak during peace talks with the Government.
May the ancestors be pleased with her efforts...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King crosses over

Coretta Scott King crosses over

Born 1929

Crossed over 2006-01-31

Coretta (on the right) with Martin L. King after a stabbing attack also in photo is Martin's mother Aberta King

Coretta King was also a vocalist and mother who stood at the side of the ancestor Martin Luther King Jnr. famed for the nonviolent Civil Rights struggle.

Coretta King with children at grave site of ancestor Martin Luther King Jr.

May the ancestors be please with their efforts.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

illuminating and sustaining

There is One,
Even the First,
who hath no beginning,
who hath no end;
who hath made all things,
who governs all,
who is good,
who is just,
who illumines,
who sustains.

we give thanks for the photons today

pouring libation for our ancestors