Saturday, October 15, 2005

lunar eclipse due 17th october

Inhabitants of the earth are due for a spectacular Lunar eclipse on Monday 17th October 2005.

According to the ancient calendars of indigenous peoples, this will be one of the most significant in our life time.

The ancient people of KMT have recorded this day as the first of a month in honour of the deity/ancestor SEKHMAT, the protector of AMANI RA & HERU.

She translates as PARVATHI another lion headed goddess/female deity. There is also a Buddhist deity with comparable characteristics.

She exists to the Taino as ATABEY "turtle Woman" and is known to the ancients of Central AmeriKa as IXCHEL.

She is known by thousands of names internationally:

for example: Andraste /Arianrhod /Belisama /Cerridwen /Morrigan/ Selene/ Skadi / Freda/ Inanna

May the ancestors be pleased.
All these changes are governed by law
.. natural laws ordained...
The Cosmos is never changing..
time is a circle look at the sun....
look at the moon...
the present from the past
the future from the present
a circle all points are linked
none can say here is the link
the beginning the end
for all points both perched

Thursday, October 13, 2005

entire villages declared mass graves of mud

Many people in Central America are living in poverty. They churn their living on mountain sides felling trees to earn a meager bread so “OTHERS” may live comfortably.

The naked hills and the strong winds of the Hurricane combined with heavy rain over four days have resulted in a massive tragedy.

Many thousands are left unaccounted for entombed by mud slides or washed out to sea by the same. In fact some villages have entirely disappeared and have been declared “MASS GRAVES”’

However, there is yet another DISASTER awaiting these indigenous peoples, whether they still live on the hills or in the surrounding villages and towns. The attendance of related epidemics beckon, resulting from the accumulated waste and the unsanitary conditions that existed even before the deluge.

Will w.h.o. be able to assist in time? Which nations in the face of the other sad events over the past weekend are able to assist?

There are MILLIONS of vulnerable affected persons of all ages in dire need for urgent assistance. Basic medical and other relief supplies are required all across the region. This is an appeal pass on this critical message.

May the ancestors be pleased.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

mother earth

our home
a vital resource
we should take care of her

has she become a stranger
that beseeches us to be aware ?

conflict begets not synchronization
live with her in harmony
not in dicord


Monday, October 10, 2005

for the islaamic faithful of asia who "crossed over" last weekend

rabil al ameen (milkyway) lord of the worlds(above) kalimah (below)

ixchel...parvathi...& ancestor queen kinich

kinich pavathi ixchel

neith- protector of souls Posted by Picasa

central ameri-ka & asia over the past few days/weekend surely should reinforce our acceptance of the inevitable changes taking place on planet terra...

we are linked to the ancestors... solar eclipses are messages from the cosmos

so in tribute to those who have crossed over

we pour libations to




royal & mother consort to Waka of le carona

may the ancestors be pleased.....