Saturday, December 24, 2005

solar energy live

Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou risest, and who art Tem when thou settest in beauty. Thou risest and thou shinest on the back of thy mother [Nut], O thou who art crowned the king of the gods! Nut welcometh thee, and payeth homage unto thee, and Maat, the everlasting and never-changing goddess, embraceth thee at noon and at eve.
Thou stridest over the heavens, being glad at heart, and the Lake of Testes is content. The Sebau-fiend hath fallen to the ground, his fore-legs and his hind-legs have been hacked off him, and the knife hath severed the joints of his back. Ra hath a fair wind, and the Sektet Boat setteth out on its journey, and saileth on until it cometh into port. The gods of the South, the gods of the North, the gods of the West, and the gods of the East praise thee, O thou Divine Substance, from whom all living things came into being. Thou didst send forth the word when the earth was submerged with silence, O thou Only One, who didst dwell in heaven before ever the earth and the mountains came into being. Hail, thou Runner, Lord, Only One, thou maker of the things that are, thou hast fashioned the tongue of the Company of the Gods, thou hast produced whatsoever cometh forth from the waters, thou springest up out of them above the submerged land of the Lake of Horus. Let me breathe the air which cometh forth from thy nostrils, and the north wind which cometh forth from thy mother Nut.
Make thou my Spirit-soul to be glorious, O Osiris, make thou my Heart-soul to be divine. Thou art worshipped as thou settest, O Lord of the gods, thou art exalted by reason of thy wondrous works. Shine thou with the rays of light upon my body day by day,

Monday, December 19, 2005

Celebrating now yesterday tomorrow

19th December 2005
Month of Mechir- Ruling Deity- REKHUR

Birthdays of Ancestors
Dr. Carter G. Woodson,[1875-1950]
Henry Highland Garnet [1815-1882]
plus belated birthday recognition of
Sammy Davis Jr. (8thDec. 1925-1990 )

Ancestor Dr Carter Woodson founder of Black History Week , now celebrated as Black History Month in February in USA, in the UK October-November, and the Caribbean in November.

Ancestor Henry Garnet was a famed tireless advocate for abolition of chattel slavery and his contribution spanned conventional politics and on the ground advocacy. He urged victims of slavery to demand their liberty. A quoted in his speech to American Slaves: "You had far better all die--die immediately, than live slaves, and entail your wretchedness upon your posterity. ... However much you and all of us may desire it, there is not much hope of redemption without the shedding of blood. If you must bleed, let it all come at once--rather die freemen, than live to be the slaves..."

Ancestor Singer Dancer & Actor Sammy Davis Jr is a name that will live on in the memories of popular art lovers the world over. Having started as a tap dancer, he rose the ranks to produce over forty plus albums and appeared in numerous movies, Television interviews and hits at Las Vegas. He is immortalised as a main member of the RAT PACK alongside the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. his determination ensured that a BLACK was visible in the media.

Just as the Ancestor Hon. Marcus Mosaiah Garvey guided the family in the 1920s and referred to us as Negroes...We acknowledge his divine MISSION but nevertheless have grown to accept that we are descendants of a land that is not NEGROLAND. Further OVERSTANDING that the entire PLANET is our home.
Thus efforts of Ancestor Garnet paid dividens. His message rings hallow to this day, with Afrikans still discriminated against and subjected to chattel slavery on the continent today. We need the drive of Ancestor Sammy Davis Jr to climb out of this mind-set that we are less than any member of the human family. Fulfilling the vision of Ancestor Woodson to celebrate our Past, understanding the NOW and future are but a million plus moments/PRESENTS to cherish.

Let us be advanced in knowledge, culturally literate/aware that Black History is a
MYTH and therefore we should be more informed of WORLD history in which AFRIKAN and indigenous peoples have paid an important role. Let us be not as guilty >IGNORANTLY_ ascribing COLOUR to the achievements of beings on this planet.

The ongoing controversy as reported in the press with African American Actor Morgan Freeman rejecting Black history is apt at this time as we are challenged to think outside the box.

We pour libations for the lives of our predecessors, who strove valiantly in their times against all odds.
Namely Ancestors Carter Woodson, Marcus Garvey, Henry Garnet & Sammy Davis, Jr.
weighing of the heart by Djeuhuti with the Feather of Ma'at

Sunday, December 18, 2005

auctions for factory labour

illustration September 27th 1856-London Newspapers


Ancestor Poetess- Phillis Wheatley


may the ancestors be pleased with the efforts

of our women.

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives

we pour libation


Emancipation or Abolition of Chattel slavery in USA

US Congress
passed 13th Amendment
abolishing slavery,
18th December 1865

" The Americans had proved to be less hesitant than the British in passing laws against the Slave Trade, but they were also less hesitant in breaking them. When the Constitution was ratified, the importation was legal in Georgia and was technically legal in North Carolina, but at the cost of prohibitive duty. Everywhere else it was a violation of the state law.

Many states including Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut which owned most of the slave ships had forbidden their citizens to engage in the trade. Nevertheless it had been revived illegally and had began to flourish...."

Black Cargoes=SlaveTrade "Fight to abolish Slave trade"

restraining irons-tools of the gentleman's trade

pour libations for the souls of those who suffered that great MA'AFA