Tuesday, December 04, 2007

migrations compilation CD

dialogue "MIGrations"

Compilation CD

Summer 2008 WORLD MUSIC Issue

dialogue a journal for cultural literacy is working on organizing our second compilation CD that will be primarily focused on world music. Titled "MIGrations" this compilation will feature all genres of music by at least fifteen [15] artistes/musicians/groups.

The cost of producing the CDs will be borne by dialogue and the finished CDs will be distributed free of charge in response to email requests to the Publisher from readers of the Summer Issue of dialogue in March 2008. These finished CDs will reach a wide audience or readers across the planet.

dialogue will take care of designing all artwork, mastering of the compilation, printing of the inserts, and pressing of the discs, This CD compilation will be limited to no more than five hundred copies and will only be distributed until July 2008. Additional information will be published on each artiste/musician/ band within the Summer Issue of the journal-including band name, promotional photography, song title, band website, release information, and copyright info.

If you the musician/artist or band has a recording contract of any kind, please make sure that your participation in this compilation is permitted by your contract. Bands featured on the compilation will retain all rights to their music. dialogue will not have bands sign contracts in order to be a part of the compilation. If any band would be interested in entering into a written agreement, we are willing to sign one. No royalties of any kind will be paid for featuring your music. By being a part of this compilation, you are issuing dialogue permission to feature your music on one pressing of this collection equal to about 500 CDs (+/- 10% overrun). If any additional pressings are desired, all the artistes/musicians or bands involved must approve it.

This release will be only be distributed in response to email requests from readers of dialogue. Musicians/artistes or Bands are encouraged to submit their best available song and/or to contribute previously unreleased material making the compilation more appealing to your fans. We recommend that which ever song you choose to submit not be downloadable for free from your various websites, in order to encourage fans to purchase the CD. In order to fit at least 15 bands on the disc, the time limit for each song is 5 minutes.

If you or band is interested in being considered for the compilation, please send mp3 submissions to rakabooks@gmail.com Mp3's must be at least five[5] minutes long or less When submitting your mp3 please be sure to indicate your band name, the song title, promotional image [jpeg format B&W or colour acceptable] website, release information, copyright info, release info, your name, shipping address, and sponsoring business name and website (if applicable). Once your song is accepted for the compilation, you will be notified and entitled to a complimentary copy of the journal and CD.

RAKA BOOKS & dialogue looks forward to hearing from you.

Previous compilation CD-Summer 2007 edition


A cappella, Reggae, Alternative, Orisha Devotional , Hip Hop, House Music, Classic Asian, Kaiso, Gamelan, Drum & Base, Tabla, Samba, Candomble, Soul, Spokenword & Ambient

  • Ahmed Yussef & MY5.0
  • IzReal
  • Black Voices
  • dreadlockalien
  • Kevin Haynes & Grupo Elegua
  • Housemouse
  • Daniel-San
  • Ruben Behak & friends
  • Lesley-Ann Brown
  • Mark Lockett
  • Chandru
  • Juwon Ogunbe
  • Mark de Bruto
  • roi kwabena

Sunday, November 25, 2007

as a comet approaches

Time changes not,

but all things change in time.

For time is the force

that holds events separate,

each in its own proper place.

Time is not in motion,

but you move through time

as your consciousness

moves from

one event to another.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

oh happi day

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Konbit pou liberasyon definitif

General Jean Jacques Dessalines

The freedom the African warriors in Haiti fought and secured
for us on November 18, 1803 shall be preserved.
Nou la. Nou pap bay legen...

Commemorating the 203rd Anniversary of the Battle of Vertieres, the
greatest battle ever fought on this planet. It ended slavery in Haiti.

Monument commemorating the Battle of Vertieres, the last major battle of the Haitian Revolution. In this battle General Jean Jacques Dessalines delivered the final blow against the the French troops commanded by General Rochambeau. The monument stands south of the city limits of Le Cap.

Konbit pou liberasyon definitif


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Women's Rights Activist & pioneer becomes an ancestor

Anti-Gender Discrimination Activist
Founder President- N.U.DE.
National Union of Domestic Employees
Former Member of the Ship Builders & Ship Workers Allied Union

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Born: 1924

Crossed Over: November 2007

Awarded the Humming Bird Medal Silver by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in 1983 for her sterling efforts- championing the rights of Women internationally. Mother Clotil was instrumental in the Struggle for Equal pay for women, Pay for unpaid work of Women in the home and recognition of Domestic Workers in Trinidad & Tobago.

In 1996, Trinidad & Tobago became the first country in the world to pass a law to measure and value unwaged work. This was the result of many years' campaigning by Clotil Walcott of the Wages for Housework Campaign.

It all began in 1974, when Trade Unionist Clotil Walcott (famed locally for her activism against gender discrimination) was approached by domestic workers for assistance with their plight of non-recognition or protection under existing labour laws.

Immediately, she took up their struggle and has championed their cause to this day. NUDE under Walcott's stewardship , took up the struggle for women working in shops, stores, groceries, fast-food outlets, as well as domestic workers all exposed to exploitation. For they are still unable to access the right to maternity's leave or regulated wages, holiday or basic rights afforded by law to other workers. For sadly, T&T's Industrial Relations Act, Chapter 88:01 fails to classify domestic employees as workers under law. This is an obvious oversight by politicians, legislators and an evident legacy of plantation (chattel slavery) society.

A street in the capital Port of Spain is named after Clotil Walcott. She was the mother of five children and thirteen grand children.

Ancestor Mother Clotil Walcott fought all her life for grassroots women who had been invisible, undervalued and cheated of their rights and benefits.

Founder of NUDE, Ancestor Clotil Walcott with her daughter Ida LeBlanc
(NUDE's current General Secretary )
in the street that bears her name.






Thursday, November 15, 2007

twenty bullets, a hair brush and mental illness galore

Ms. Denise Owens, mother of the victim says: "He was artistic. He tried to express himself," describing Khiel's love of basketball and music and his hobbies: drawing and writing poetry and short stories. "He needed a little counselling."

The victim is Trinidadian born 18 year old Khiel Coppin.

Now demonised in the media, "he has trouble with the law before; an out patient at a psychiatric unit.. and the list of woes goes on and on...

Meanwhile the Polic Officers cannot deny they knew he was unarmed... he was merely branishing a hair brush...

Khiel fell under a barrage of twenty shots from five officers acting "within department guidelines". The medical examiner at the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival reported bullets hit Khiel Coppin in his chest, hip, forearm, knee, thigh and ankle. The wounds to his left lung and intestines were fatal.

The police officers as required by law were later breathalysed and the results negative.

Thus another one bites the dust...

May I reiterate: In the absence of CULTURAL LITERACY, descendants of Chattel Slavery have had inaccurate psychosocial assessments as users of alien Mental Care systems. Clinicians persist in their ubiquitous application of Freudian and other theories that have no pertinence to the diverse experience of non Europeans. Further, these foreign theories are all EURO-CENTRIC, thus do not address the cultural sensitivities of patients in so-called mother countries, independent states or colonies.

May the ancestors embrace accepting
Khiel Coppin another victim of the system.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Patna village in Diego Martin, Trinidad celebrating Diwali